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Here are just some of the lovely things our patients are saying about us:

I can’t thank Bob, Emily and the Butterfly team enough for their friendly professionalism and experience of dealing with nervous patients like myself, who have made each visit I attended feel welcoming and relaxed. I am highly grateful and extremely happy with the results of the dental work I received from Bob and the Butterfly team - I am now beaming in smiles and confidence and it is all thanks to their friendly, gentle and professional approach. I highly recommend Butterfly Dental, especially to nervous patients as Bob and his team really take care of you!

I felt like my teeth had become dull and lifeless, and they were really showing my age, and looking even older too! I have just been so busy over the last few years and felt the need to recapture my youth. And as Managing Director, I am the face of my company and wanted to do something about it. After ten new veneers to my upper teeth and lower tooth whitening, the smile makeover results are quite simply dazzling!

Being someone who is petrified of the Dentist - I came here as I had been recommended by a friend. I have to say my experience has been A* all the way. The staff are all amazing and very caring. I have now had several appointments including a course of whitening and I could not be happier. A great place, a fab dentist and amazing smiles all round!

I'm a hypnotherapist and generally pretty confident in both my work and everyday life. Recently, however, the margins of my old crowns started showing through, and it wasn't pretty. It made me really conscious about opening my mouth or smiling or anything – and was beginning to affect my work. I found Butterfly Dental, went for a consultation and then had a smile makeover, which had an instant and dramatic effect. I am now extremely confident again. They offered a high quality professional service with some seriously advanced technology. Now, my confidence has grown. I just can’t stop smiling.

Yet again, whenever I leave Butterfly Dental I feel like I have been completely looked after. I am 44 years old and have had so much trouble with my teeth since an accident when I was 10 years old but 2 years ago I started to visit the team at Butterfly - they started by sorting out the health of my teeth and then we discussed sorting out the cosmetic side - I now have a smile I can be proud of and my teeth are healthy!!

I hated the photo on my nurse’s badge. I was unhappy and was seriously lacking in smile confidence. My friends said my photo made me look sad which was enough to make me do something about it. The team at Butterfly Dental definitely made sure I never felt sad, before, during and after my treatment!

I've always been really self conscious about my teeth, and hated smiling. I think that's why I was so shy, and why I didn't do a lot of things that I wanted to do. However, my graduation day was fast approaching, and I wanted to smile with confidence during my ceremony collecting my degree, and on all those photographs which would be remembered forever afterwards. I heard about the smile makeover at Butterfly Dental, and came down for a visit. I was delighted with what they told me, and then with what they did. I had eight new veneers at the top of my mouth along with lower tooth whitening and I can’t believe it’s me in the mirror.

As a hairdresser I understand the importance of being groomed for work and wanted the wow factor - it was important to impress my customers too. With some great new veneers to cover up my horrible top teeth, and teeth whitening on my bottom teeth, I feel far more confident in my appearance, which seems to rub off on my clients, as they seem far more confident in me.

I've always been really busy with work and family, and never really had the time to do anything about my teeth, even though they've always bothered my on photos. With a new baby on the way, I decided I wanted to really look my best on the next set of family photo albums, so I came to Butterfly Dental to see how quickly they could correct the colour on my teeth. They fitted new veneers and whitened my teeth in no time at all, and now with my new smile, I feel years younger and I’m now buzzing with confidence. My colleagues have noticed a real difference in my public speaking, as well as my everyday activities, and I can't wait for those new photos!

The whitening procedure was very comfortable and relaxing, I could choose what I wanted to watch on TV as well! The hygienist was very friendly and welcoming and gave me lots of information prior to treatment and answered any questions I had. Overall fantastic experience.